Saturday, December 11, 2010

Family Pics

Finally after 4 years we have updated our family picture. Thanks to my sister for taking them! They turned out great. We took them in my parents backyard during our visit for Thanksgiving. We had a great time hanging out with family and friends and eating good food. I had so much fun that I forgot to take picures. LOL.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Catch Up

It has been a long time since I have updated this so I will try to fit alot in one post so bare with me. And here we goooooooooooooooooooooooooo.......................
The summer went by way too fast, but we did some fun stuff. We spent a week visiting my mom and my sister. We did ALOT of swimming. We had an awesome trip to Morgan Hill, CA where Aaron helped his dad work on his uncle's bathroom and I traveled to different beaches and had LOADS of fun. I know it wasn't fair for Aaron to do all the work and me to relax everyday on the beach, but what's a girl to do. ;)
The only complaint I have is that I didn't get to go camping! I LOVE to camp and we didn't even go once. I blame it on my friend Kensi because if she lived here we totally would have gone with them.
Madison started 1st Grade and she loves it so far. She has a really good teacher and good friends in her class. She is getting straight A's and I hope she keeps it up. She has started Soccer again that our church has set up. She likes it for the most part except for when she has a stain on her shirt and I have to talk her into playing for 30 minutes. TRUE STORY. It was really embarrassing. She loves to sing so I've been trying to find a singing group or something that she can do after school. She lost a front tooth during a soccer game and then later that night she asked me "How do I know if the tooth fairy is real if I never get to see her, and while we're on the subject I'm pretty sure Santa doesn't exist and it's just you that buys everything." WHAT???!!!!! I don't remember when I started questioning Santa but it for sure wasn't 6! I halfway wanted to say "You're right Madison I buy everything so please take that into consideration when you make your Christmas list because little elves don't make everything, it isn't free, and no one magically delivers the gifts under the tree." But I restrained myself and said "Just because you can't see him doesn't mean he isn't real." Luckily she accepted that answer and hasn't brought it up since. Madison loves to sing, dance, draw, and play school. We love her alot.

Ashlyn..... Where do I begin. She is so Cute and so funny, but wow! Well let me just tell you about this sign I found in Ross once that said "I don't have an ATTITUDE I just have a personality you can't handle". I am currently embroidering a pillow with this on it for her bed. If there were a pageant titled Little Miss Attitude she would be Queen. If there were a land called Stubborn she would be President. If there were a ......Well you get the idea. She is so funny and frustrating all at once. One example: One day while leaving Church she got to the car opened the door and said with hands on her hips, "OKAY! I'm NOT getting in there until the air conditioning is on. It is TOO HOT!" I've decided she is just bored and needs to channel her Spunk into something worthwhile. Which is why she has been signed up for Gymnastics. She goes every wednesday. She loves to dance around, play dolls, and kiss Shelby. We love her alot too.

Shelby is so much fun! She reminds me alot of Madison and looks alot like her too. She is crawling and pulling herself up to things. Her favorite word is Dad. I think Aaron brainwashes them while I am not there so it is their first word. Her favorite thing to do is play the keyboard. Also she likes to sit on the floor and laugh as Ashlyn runs back and forth past her. It is pretty funny to watch. She shakes her head no. She has adorable dimples and THE cutest thighs and bum. I know that sounds weird but they are so chubby!!! I love them. I have people comment on them daily. I actually had a woman come up to me at the Aquarium in California and ask if she could squeeze her thighs. I'm not one to deny someone joy like that so I said of course. I had one lady tell me OHHH! she is so cute I could just bite her. Now that is not joy I will permit. Sorry lady. Madison described this feeling so well when she said "Mom,I love everyone so much I just want to hurt them." She is such a good baby that I've been convinced I want another one, but not for a couple years. We love her alot as well!
I will be better about blogging now that things have calmed down from the summer.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trouble Trouble Trouble

The webster definition of trouble is
1 a : to agitate mentally or spiritually : worry, disturb b (1) archaic : mistreat, oppress (2) : to produce physical disorder in : afflict c : to put to exertion or inconvenience 2 : to put into confused motion
My definition of trouble is pretty much the same except a few more...
3a: mischevious, stubborn, adorable, little girl b:answers to the name Ashlyn

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Roos N More

It is almost Madison's Birthday and this year instead of having big parties we decided to let the girls pick a fun place to go as a family. Ashlyn picked Chuck E Cheese which, even though it grosses me out, was still fun. Recently I saw that someone from our ward had gone to this zoo called Roos N More in Moapa, NV. So I asked Madison if she wanted to do that for her birthday. There is only a few times a month that they are open to the public so we had to go this weekend. First let me tell you that I have always wanted to hold a Capuchin monkey and FINALLY today I got to do that and more! It was so much fun! It is a smaller zoo, but so well kept. You get to go on an hour long tour which takes you to see all their animals and you get to hold and pet almost all of them. My favorite is still the monkeys, but it was still fun holding the baby kangaroos.

The Capuchin monkey climbed onto me and hugged me so tight and then started licking my neck!!! It was hilarious, but it was the sweetest monkey. All the kids and people were gathered around my stroller to look at it when it decided to take a nap on the top.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ashlyn is 3!!!!

I can't believe Ashlyn is 3 already. Time goes by too fast. We had a fun day filled with fun activities we could do as a family. It was nice to not have a big birthday party and just spend time together. We just let her pick somewhere fun to go and she picked Chuck E. Cheese. Not my first choice, but it was actually really fun and only smelled like pee a little. ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEACHES! WE LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shelby and other stuff

I haven't updated my blog for a while so I figured it was time. Shelby is getting bigger everyday and is so cute! She smiles alot and has just started giggling a little bit. Madison and Ashlyn are so good with her too and help me out a lot. We had a really good Easter this year too. We had an Easter egg hunt at home in our backyard and then just spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and watching Conference. This past weekend we traveled to Utah for my niece Gracie's baptism. It was a really good weekend full of good food and good family. Madison has been playing T-ball every Thursday now and it has been so fun to watch her. Today Aaron and I celebrated our birthday. It is so fun to share the same birthday. It makes the day extra special when I can share it with him. We decided to make our birthday dinner instead of going out to eat somewhere. We made baby back ribs that we smoked on our grill and they were SOOOOOO good and then I made a berry cheesecake for dessert. Overall it was a pretty good birthday. We also found out we have a little lizard family living in the backyard.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Corny Love Songs

So a few years ago Aaron started singing corny love songs to me. He would walk up and give me a big hug and then start singing some hilarious love song. It was so funny and so sweet at the same time. This one's for you Aaron.......

I don't know much
But I know I love you
And that may be
All I need to know

Maybe someday I will learn to play the piano and he can too and then we will be like these people.......!v=RI-l0tK8Ok0